Costa del Sol Tropical in Andalucía is a typical place for holidays, sun, and beach and relaxes. Almuñécar is located in the center of this part of the cost, in the province of Granada, near to the Alhambra, Sierra Nevada and the international airport of Málaga. This location retains vestiges of many civilizations, an important touristic and cultural-historical place to discover. Numerous sites and places worth routes along the coast. Lovely beaches, remote bays with particular charm and natural surroundings make this an important point of reference for holidays on the Tropical Costa del Sol, not only in summer but during all seasons due to the microclimate which is characteristic of this area.

Granada is a popular destination for romantic travellers who come to the city attracted by its beauty and its legends. We offer trips to Granada to visit the Alhambra. Difficult to put into words this masterpiece, paradise created by the Nazarí kingdom that resisted all the vicissitudes of history, the Generalife Gardens, located outside of the strengths of the Alhambra, a walk around the neighborhood of Albayzín and the Alcaicería.