Beauty is much higher than genius. No explanation required.
Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Stimuli for the senses, colors, scents, flavors, sounds of water present in every corner in this idyllic place Suites Albayzín del Mar Hotel, located on the Costa del Sol Tropical - GRANADA - ALHAMBRA immersed in the Island of Leisure "Declared Interest tourist.”

Marvelous environment, design and decoration. 10.000 m2 of lush tropical gardens, undreamed ways, Arab-Andalusian architecture, Caribbean huts, between overhangs, shutters, domes and fountains that are reflected in their ponds, transmitting peace, tranquility, and scents of roses, jasmine and heartthrobs night, on the whole, ideal for holding any kind of event in a natural and extraordinary beauty.

We offer our professional team to plan and organize your event according to your wishes and needs, offering personalized advice based on our experience with the sole purpose of ensuring success.

Thanks to the satisfaction of the clients who have made their home in this event, Hotel Suites Albayzín del Mar has become a benchmark of trust in the success.

What comes from the heart carries the nuance and warmth of the original place.
It is  an honor for us  to share important moments of your life.
We will make them unforgettable and unique.